About Me


I am a professional forester by training and trade. I've been raised by foresters, surrounded by foresters, and interacting with foresters my entire life. This has offered me plentiful and wonderous opportunities to explore the natural world and the people who work alongside Mother Nature. I am a procurement forester for the largest paper company in the world. My job allows me to interact with people of all backgrounds. I help my company, clients, and colleagues in the forest products industry to ensure that we utilize every aspect of the forest in a responsible and sustainable way.

About This Blog

I created this blog and forum as a place for everyone from professional foresters to hikers to anyone with a question or story about the natural world to feel welcome and share. Blog posts will be related to current events in the worlds of Forest Business and Recreation and will be posted every two weeks. This site also includes a forum for any questions or stories you would like to share with our community.